K-Music Recap: April 5 – 11, 2021

Last week was another busy week for the world of KPop in particular and honestly I can feel the 2021 fires burning ever strongly now. Quarter two has certainly begun with a bang and what an impact the past week has made with lots of solo releases and rookie, or underrated, artists coming out of the woodwork. There have been some really pleasant surprises over the week and it just fills me with joy to share them with all of you!

Disclaimer: I haven’t been able to write about every single release, but I do try to at least provide a link to the key songs released over the week. However, it is entirely likely that I will have missed many – drop me a comment with any tracks from the past week that you think I should not miss.


WENDY – Like Water

Honestly – stop everything right here and now. This is the album that I have been anticipating eagerly (I missed Wendy terribly during her unfortunate time off) and my gosh, it is certainly the album that I needed! Wendy (Red Velvet) has made her official solo debut with first mini album ‘Like Water’ and double title track feature, ‘Like Water’ and ‘When This Rain Stops‘. Wendy is an EXCEPTIONAL vocalist (I don’t give this level of praise often), and on ‘Like Water’ her clear, clean voice enchants over this pop ballad, carrying listeners dreamily through the blissful instrumentation and hopeful movements. It is impossible not to feel every single word with her moving rendition and clear diction, stirring up such emotion with those striking power notes through the bridge. I get choked up with each listen – her tone feeling like a stable and comforting embrace. Between ‘Like Water’ and ‘When This Rain Stops’, I like the latter just a shade more – I’m kind of a sucker for a ballad song with a sad vibe and ‘When This Rain Stops’ hits that spot. But on the whole, this album, from start to finish, is one I don’t think I’ll tire of any time soon. It is truly a beauty and a magnificent auditory journey.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [Like Water]: When This Rain Stops / Best Friend (feat. SEULGI)

CHANYEOL – Tomorrow

We all have that one bias that moves our heart more than others – for me, that’s Park Chanyeol of EXO fame. His recent military enlistment has been a weird one to come to terms with, but the release of new single ‘Tomorrow’ as his post-dated farewell single has provided the necessary comfort that EXO-L’s were missing in the lead up to his departure. This slow and steady acoustic-style track gives us plenty to think about as ‘Tomorrow’ zones in primarily on meaning and sentiment. This song is Chanyeol down to the ground – from the guitar-driven instrumental to the rich, deep tones of his vocal delivery, making this a truly heartfelt downtempo single. Although the track is without twists or flourishes in arrangement, the straightforward construction feels raw, honest and exposing – and it is that feeling that remains after even just one listen. This is the kind of music that Chanyeol has always wanted to make more of, and it is an absolute delight to hear him be given freer reign to let his voice shine – his vocal is an underrated gem, just listen to that chorus! My one minor criticism here is that the song is not even 3 minutes long – how can I be plunged into wistfulness and dragged back out in such a small space of time? A minute more would have been welcome. In any case, this will carry me through to his discharge (ahhh!)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


MV note: This MV took my breath away on multiple occasions for so many different reasons. I actually felt my chest hurting on first watch. Let the Eunwoo x MJ conflict forever continue in my heart.

After what genuinely felt like FOREVER (11 months = forever in KPop), ASTRO are back with second full length album ‘All Yours’ and title track ‘ONE’. This new single sees the group push their maturing sound even further, blending multiple styles and genres in this explosive pop track. The group dip their toe into the edgier concept, but maintain some of their melodic identity by interspersing funky electro sequences in with the punchy trap production. Honestly, the arrangement of this song is a little bit busy – on first listen I was having trouble pulling the different threads together in my head, but the chorus… I instantly knew that I loved it (the post-chorus less so). So I listened to the song a couple of times over for the chorus and suddenly the appeal of the entire song made a whole load of sense – ‘ONE’ finally shines a brighter light on the skillset of the team. Finally we’re seeing Rocky and Jinjin let loose with their rap skills, and I am just in total awe of Eunwoo and MJ’s vocal contributions in that bridge (I really feel like MJ steals this). The song has since been likened to the current generation SM boy group sound, but I think ‘ONE’ takes it one step further by owning that electro funk chorus and prioritising vocals and melodies over grit and concept. ASTRO really came back to remind me of why they are in my Top 5 boy groups, and I’ll continue to stand by this life choice.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [All Yours]: Butterfly Effect / All Good / Our spring /Stardust / gemini

LEE JINHYUK (이진혁) – 5K

TOP Media’s plan to monopolise on the ‘Produce X 101’ fame of UP10TION members Wooseok and Jinhyuk has led to the release of some choice solo material – a plan which 100% makes no sense to me because you would think that they would repurpose that popularity back to the group… but that’s an essay that I have already written here. As much as I adore Up10TION (and particularly Jinhyuk – bias wrecker), I can’t say I have always wholeheartedly loved the solo work, and the same can be said for ‘5K’. The company branded this title track as funk pop, and we do certainly get that with the brass injections and jazzy piano flourishes underlining Jinhyuk’s varied rap charisma, but it feels a little thin – almost as if it were initially intended to be a larger arrangement performed by a group (calling up the UP10TION members right now). Truthfully, the song is actually okay (*coincidental word choice here*), but the smart wordplay where ‘5K’ in Korean is pronounced ‘oh-K’ gets lost on me when it is repeated over and over again. It is fine for the first two choruses and then through the bridge it starts to really grate. Genuinely I think it is the song’s biggest turnoff and that’s a shame because without it, and with a bigger commitment to the funk sound, it could have been a neat uptempo single. Le sigh.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [SCENE26]: Asteroid / Coup d’État

Kim Jaehwan (김재환) – I Wouldn’t Look For You (찾지 않을게)

Let’s take a moment to talk about Jaehwan – I feel like after Wanna One’s disbandment, general listeners have become so familiar with his ballad sound that they often forget that he was that ‘kid’ with the guitar four years ago. Jaehwan returns with third mini album ‘Change’ which is yet another reminder that, alongside his heartbreaking and poignant ballad tones, he is also capable of delivering us other styles and genres and can still keep his footing as a spectacular pop vocalist. ‘I Wouldn’t Look For You’ is a mid-tempo folk-style pop track, which sees Jaehwan bring back his trusty guitar (yay)! The rhythm of the strumming and the steady pulse of percussion sprinkle slight Latin influences through the track, giving it texture even as it leans on the more muted side of the sound spectrum. This is an acoustic-driven work of art in all its glory. We get a captivating single with truly magnificent vocals, and without all the extra production pizzazz and tricks that can complicate a beautifully simple sound – this is mainly about Jaehwan, his much loved guitar and a mesmerising vibe… and I am here for it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [Change]: Pray / Without You (With HYNN) / My Flower

OnlyOneOf – libidO

MV note: I high key feel like I’m intruding in some intensely private moments…

I’m still a bit of a baby when it comes to familiarity with OnlyOneOf’s discography, but after their ‘Produced by [ ]’ series saw them work with some of my favourite hip-hop and R&B producers my eyes and ears were most definitely open to this rookie boy group. New title track ‘libidO’ aims to follow the edgy GroovyRoom sound of ‘a sOng Of ice and fire‘ with a fresh alternative R&B track…. but somehow, to me, it falls ever so slightly outside of my expectations. ‘libidO’ seems to be an extremely polarising title track, with its experimental shades either winning people over or raising eyebrows. In my opinion, there are some nice sequences in there (pre-chorus in particular!) but they don’t always run through like a coherent thread and actually the members’ voices end up sounding far too hushed to make a huge impact on me (but that’s just me). In my personal opinion, I feel like it was always going to be an ambitious task to follow on from the ‘Produced by [ ]’ series, but this is a solid attempt at achieving a subversive KPop sound. As a person who was sucked in during ‘angel‘, it is not a shift in sound that resonates immediately with me in the same way, but given the amount of times I have listened to it now (just to figure out my thoughts) I have come to appreciate the moody mystery and haunting textures, and might find it growing on me even more with time.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [Instinct, Pt.1]: byredO / tear Of gOd

D-CRUNCH – My Name

After their October single ‘Across The Universe‘, D-CRUNCH are back with new album ‘DAYDREAM’ and title track ‘My Name’ – a mid-tempo pop track overflowing with melodramatic ambience. I had a really weird experience when I first listened to this song and it is one that rarely happens to me -a chill ran through my body. Let me clarify, I was relatively ambivalent through the first verse and then the chorus hit and suddenly I got this HUGE shiver down my spine. Between the verses and the chorus we get a transition from the current everyday KPop elements, into a full rounded-out nostalgic chorus, propelling me back into my favourite second generation sound. The vocals in that chorus (!!! – every time Hyunwook and Hyunoh open their mouths, my breath hitches for a second). My gosh, it has been a really long time since I’ve felt truly moved by a boy group chorus – the tones are crisp, clear and piercing, delivering bold, memorable melodies. I rejoice over a vocal-centred chorus. As the song settles into its identity, it just gets stronger and stronger, ending up being a surprisingly explosive belter. This is exactly what I was waiting for with D-CRUNCH – I could hear potential in their previous releases, with some title tracks sounding cleaner than others, but this one is by far the best of the bunch. It is like they have found a groove that works, and honestly…. I’m just so excited for them.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [DAYDREAM]: My Name / Childlike


Rookie girl group LUNARSOLAR’s exuberant debut single ‘OH YA YA YA‘ ended up being one of my top new finds for September last year, so naturally I was curious to see what they might follow up with. The group make their first comeback with second single album ‘SOLAR: rise’ and title track ‘DADADA’ – a song which moves away from the bright summery sounds of their debut and into the familiar edgier girl crush territory. My first thoughts were, ‘Well this isn’t anything we haven’t already heard a thousand times in recent years’ but the more that I listen to the song, the more I realise that it’s just the intro/outro and verses that I can’t quite get fully behind. Sadly they just don’t have any of the group’s own personality within them and just sound like numerous other girl groups who are chasing the same concept (ITZY are the reason haha). Having said all of this, it is the chorus that really exudes appeal. The group bring the vibrant energy from their debut and pepper it through the sprightly electro instrumental of the chorus, weaving extremely catchy melodies with their refrains. The chorus is a saviour to this song, I just really wish they would have used this texture through the majority of the track because this feels fresh, unlike the other parts of the song.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [SOLAR: rise]: Lonely

BAE173 – Loved You (사랑했다)

MV note: sorry…. what is this gigantic leopard (? could be a cheetah – I don’t know the difference) doing here and why is Doha so happy about it? I mean… anyway this is an artistic masterpiece

Pocketdol Studio’s rookie boy group continue their ‘INTERSECTION’ series with second mini album ‘INTERSECTION: TRACE’ and title track ‘Loved You’. Given that the group’s debut single ‘Crush On U‘ was one of my favourite debuts of last year and I raved about it for ages, I was excited – like REALLY excited for this comeback and I truly feel like I haven’t been let down. I know this is a little extreme, but I almost shed a tear of joy when the song started in earnest and there wasn’t an EDM drop, instead bringing me BigBang/GDragon vibes aplenty. The group continue to forge their path by not following the prescriptive format that their peer groups are following, instead bringing us varied genres and showing off their numerous skills each time. Although ‘Loved You’ is certainly a more mature sound than their bright, youthful debut, they still imbue a young carefree attitude into this song and through their raw vocal and rap tones. Every time I want something different from KPop, it seems like BAE173 are there to deliver – this time reminding me of one of the golden eras of KPop and filling this second generation fan’s heart with so much joy. Honestly, this would get a 5 star but I find the vocal reverb on the first verse a little overdone so there’s a very slight markdown, but truthfully it’s pretty much a 10 in my heart. This group deserve more recognition.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [INTERSECTION: TRACE]: Loved You

STAYC (스테이씨) – ASAP

Another of my favourite debuts of last year was STAYC’s debut single ‘SO BAD‘, which I still find myself vibing to on a regular – its energy is just so infectious. Follow-up single ‘ASAP’ sees the group take a far less bombastic route, reigning in their exuberant charisma to deliver a song with a smoother, softer sound – I really couldn’t have predicted it. Objectively this song is decent – it still has the groups edge and personality layered throughout the whole song, characterised by those distinctive vocal shades, but ‘ASAP’ feels weirdly lacking. A lot of that has to do with the slower tempo (honestly – what a strange bpm to choose???), the stripped down instrumental, and the fact that it has such an explosive predecessor – I guess it’s not really ‘ASAP”s fault that ‘SO BAD’ was so good (the antithesis of its title). The problem is that because ‘SO BAD’ neared the top of a lot of people’s 2020 debut lists, this more restrained comeback feels like a confusing regression. I’ve been hearing the recommendation on the grapevine to play ‘ASAP’ at 1.25x speed, and it is a game changer – it suddenly feels like the hit comeback song we expected, so… can we please have that instead? Nonetheless, like I say, this song isn’t bad, it’s just unfortunate that expectations were so high, so I imagine this will grow on me a whole lot even in normal speed (*grumbles quietly in the corner*).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [STAYDOM]: SO WHAT

Other notable releases

SuperM – We DO
SANDEUL (산들) – More Than Words
Amber Liu – neon (feat. PENIEL)

SuperM are back with yet another INCREDIBLE (truly) CF song as they team up with Prudential Corporation Asia for this release. ‘We DO’ is an energetic track with endless amounts of funk and groove, bringing us a song full of fun as the group lean into the disco genre. The instrumental is crammed with bold flourishes – from brass to theremin-sounding synth, and is overlaid by the members’ stunning vocals. In my previous SuperM reviews I have been a little dismayed at line distributions and let’s face it, it’s not perfect here either (rappers??), but they got the vocal line perfect…. I actually had tears in my eyes as Ten is given space to shine, and what an impression! I’m a little sad because this is likely the last time we will get the full SuperM line up but what a song to go out on…. and I will have this in my head as much as ‘Let’s go Everywhere‘.

Our honey-toned vocalist Sandeul (B1A4) has teamed up with ‘PROJECT RE:BORN’ to bring us this delightful rendition of ‘More Than Words’ – a pop ballad that was initially released by verteran male group 5TION back in 2001 (twenty years ago!). Given how wonderfully Sandeul brings this song back to our lives, it is a true testament to how timeless a sound the original is. Sandeul is a vocalist whose tone always brings such comfort and warmth with each song that he sings, and this is certainly no different. The acoustic instrumental which carries the nostalgic notes on its back is the perfect backdrop for Sandeul’s soothing voice, and this throwback number is one that matches his shade and personal colours down to the finest point. This is a remake single that I didn’t know I needed, and one that I now cannot get enough of.

Before I even get started with the song, what was that intro please? I thought I had clicked on the wrong video. Anyway… ‘neon’. You know, it has been so long since the disappearance of f(x), and honestly I haven’t really been following Amber’s music for a while for various reasons (I’m sure some will know why), so I forgot just how synonymous her tone is with a side of the second generation sound and truly, it really sparked some kind of nostalgia in me to hear it again after so long. The bright electro pop of ‘neon;’ is heavily laced with retro groove as the synths lightly dance in the background and the bass and percussion keep the song chugging along. It is a surprising change to some of Amber’s other solo work, bringing a vibrant, carefree sound – what’s more, we even get a burst of a Peniel vocal (I am alive and feel blessed!)


Verbal Jint – Public Figure (공인) (feat. Swings & Han Yohan [한요한])

I was overjoyed when I heard the news that Verbal Jint was going to be releasing new studio album ‘Inflection Point’, especially since it has been a while since the last official album. But imagine my surprise when I see who is featuring on the title track – I had the breath snatched from my chest. You already know it’s going to be a strong sound when you hear these three names on a track together. ‘Public Figure’ is captivating right from the start, beginning with a steady mid-tempo beat, but overridden by the charisma and different personas that the three rappers bring to the table with their delivery. They each bring different shades to the rhythm and ride the beat in ways that bring varied energy to the unchanging instrumental. The track is so simple, and yet it feels like it is overflowing with impact and that is pure credit to the way the rappers imbue their energy into the track, characterised by Verbal Jint’s unique rap patterns, Han Yohan’s deep tone, and Swings’ clean, emphatic flow. Impeccable. This entire album is a treat (as always from Verbal Jint) working with some of the most anticipated artists of this day – it is among the epic collections of the year so far.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [Inflection Point]: Open Letter (feat. Hwa Young) / The Nines / Youth / My G-Wagen (feat. SUPERBEE)

Simon Dominic & Loco – At Night (밤이 되면)

And…. this is not what I was expecting AT ALL from this AOMG pairing. As of late, both rappers, who are also a mentor team on ‘High School Rapper 4’, have been releasing tracks that play more into melodic rap styles, bringing softer, brighter energies. Although ‘At Night’ still sees the two create a track that is light on the instrumental and isn’t a hype track, it also sees them head down a darker path, bringing us a mid-tempo hip-hop with a huge air of mystery. The guitar flourishes in the instrumental along with the snare programming makes for a steady funk, and then the rest of the power comes from the exceptional delivery that these two respected rappers serve up. Rich and unmistakeable tones, clean and neat lines, charismatic flows – it is just jaw-dropping. This song truly rose up out of nowhere and smacked me right in the face – I didn’t realise just how much I was missing this kind of hip-hop track – one that strikes a balance between suave energy and addictive impact – until I pressed play. Simon D on that chorus hook with that deep tone – as he says, “so seductive”.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paloalto & pH-1 – Mungpal (멍멍팔팔)

MV note: If you read my blog you’ll know pH-1 is my guy – him with Holly in this MV is like…. the ultimate killer for me – dog dad pH-1 is my vibe. Plus just all the dogs in this – hella cute

STOP I CANNOT COPE – I really couldn’t take this seriously at first because why is Paloalto woofing right at the start – I genuinely was choking on fresh air – ridiculous. But all of that aside, this is kind of the cutest hip-hop track I have ever heard. What is it about these hip-hop/R&B boys and writing songs for their dogs (let’s not forget Colde’s ‘Your dog loves you‘) – it is just so heartwarming. This bright mid-tempo track brings a smile to my face as Paloalto adds his familiar tone and flow to the first verse, setting the pace and energy of the sound. Meanwhile pH-1 adds his sing-rap vocal to the chorus (I can’t ever get sick of that vocal) and injects his recognisable stylings to the second verse. This was always going to be a song that worked well, bringing former mentor and mentee together in this engaging blend of tones – their rhythms and flows match well, bringing us an authentic sound that is true to both Paloalto and to pH-1…. plus it is clearly a song about a topic that we all know they feel passionate about so… this is the genuine article right here.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mirani – Daisy (feat. pH-1)

Following her success on ‘Show Me The Money 9’, Mirani was signed to AREA – GroovyRoom’s label, and a subsidiary of H1GHR MUSIC. Honestly, this was the best move for her because GroovyRoom really know what they’re doing when it comes to elevating her tone and pinpointing where her strengths lie – this can be seen so clearly on ‘Daisy’. This anthemic style track sees Mirani bring her sing-rap style into a sphere that sits well between hip-hop and pop, monopolising on bright, emphatic beats and relying on her engaging tone to capture hearts (which it certainly does). And who better to feature on her debut than her ‘Achoo’ collaborator pH-1, an artist who is also known for straddling multiple sounds and styles and and for holding a truly captivating tone (though autotune is rife on this one). Mirani’s debut single with AREA is an attractive one, bringing us a polished, appealing sound full of energy, optimism and excitement and she is the another fantastic female role model for K-Hip-Hop. I’ll be cheering Mirani on for the future – this is a hit.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [Daisy]: Open Up (feat. JUSTHIS)

MOON (Moon Sujin [문수진) – The Moon (저 달) (feat. Taeil of NCT)

P.S. I really love that this song is called ‘The Moon’ and is sung by MOON (aka Moon Sujin), and features Moon Taeil. That’s a lot of moon.

Million Market singer-songwriter MOON (or known by full name Moon Sujin) is known for bringing us a multitude of different styles in the past, and ‘The Moon’ is no different at all, this time delivering us a slow and steady R&B ballad track. Her clear and soulful tone slices through the downtempo instrumental like a knife, carving resplendent melodies with her smooth, dreamy vocal. Singing alongside her is Taeil from NCT (fave). Hearing him sing on this track with Sujin really reinforces my ongoing thought that Taeil’s tone is the perfect match for R&B. He takes us effortlessly through each and every note as if the soul is ready to leap out with his words. Both artists’ voices blend together in perfect harmony, going hand in hand as if it were always meant to be. It is a match made in heaven like none could have predicted. This song gives me peak Christmas vibes in April – it feels like that soothing, heartwarming track that you might put on during a dark winter’s night and it has a timeless sound that will likely keep it a classic on the playlists for a long time to come – check on me in September – I’ll probably still be listening to it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

K-Indie / Ballad / Trot

JUNG YUP (정엽) – Waltz For You

It has been an awfully long time since the leader and vocalist of Brown Eyed Soul, Jung Yup has released a solo song (one that isn’t an OST track), gracing us with a single here and there every year or so. This new single ‘Waltz For You’ is, exactly like the title suggests, a stunning folk-ballad track with instrumentation befitting of a waltz. The music is the perfect blend of ballad instruments with a slight lilt in the arrangement to give it that ballroom style hop rather than the fluid notes of a traditional ballad song. Jung Yup’s ever endearing vocals swim delicately over the instrumental, casting a spell on listeners with his gentle but mesmerising vocal shade. The backdrop is the fitting sound for this stable, comforting voice, creating a single that feels personal, heartfelt and unique. It is not everyday that we get to hear a song ready for the ballroom pop out of the music machine but it certainly is a magical sound that surely will bring soothing joy to many over this Spring season.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

OST Links

Header image credit: SM Entertainment; Navillera image credit: Soompi; How To Be Thirty image credit: OtakuKart; Hello, Me image credit: Soompi; Turn: The Street image credit: YouTube Oh! Master image credit: KPopMap.

8 thoughts on “K-Music Recap: April 5 – 11, 2021

  1. I have to say though. OnlyOneOf’s libidO has grown substantially on me. It is a grower I must say. Although, I have to state that I didn’t really like the Produced by [ ] series, mainly because of the fact that it kind of strayed away from their original sound of chill alternative R&B. Instinct series is back at where OnlyOneOf shines and excels. This might be my favorite album of the year already.

    Your reviews are really particularly interesting cause I get to see many indie and alternative acts get reviewed. We need more of this behavior from critics. Also, interestingly you gave many 5s this week. It really seems like a great week. 2021 has been impeccable already it reminds me of the 2nd and 3rd generation. K-Pop has also become very creative these past few weeks and I love it. 2021 will surely define the whole 2020s decade.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I posted this right before I went to bed and then this morning I woke up singing ‘libidO’ 😅 I saw your comment so thought, okay maybe I should give it yet another listen… I know that you upgraded your score from a 7 to somewhere in the 8’s and I think I might be following suit (update to the score pending haha!) – it definitely is a grower. Also your comment reminded me that I can’t really comment on their existing sound based on one series of their music and still need to better familiarise with their debut works (which – title track wise… I love!) – time for me to actively do some OOO listening 🥰

      Also haha re the 5 stars, I have this issue with knowing whether something is a 4.5 or a 5 because the scale isn’t as nuanced as a 10 star rating scale so I always end going back and thinking about it again a week later, but in any case, there were some really fantastic ones over the past week [D-CRUNCH was the surprise stealer for me]. 2021 has had sooooo many strong songs! I cannot wait to see what is ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. [leaves all my work so I can fully devour this]

    Okay! So many great songs and I’m so so so glad you like so many of them as well. You know already how much One grew on me too and you’re absolutely right about MJ stealing the spotlight (also, visual king, hello?).

    Jaehwan had me so hyped up with the teasers for the cb and I’m so happy it did not disappoint cause this album is everything. He’s criminally underrated when it comes to post-W1 artists honestly because his music is my cup of tea. Also this style suits him so much woof.

    Sandeul needs to have more projects because everything he puts out turns into another comfort song of mine istg. I love him. Also um… Simon D makes me feel some type of way every time lol. [backs away in shame]

    And as per usual thank you for recommending songs that I still haven’t checked out but now will! ♡♡

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ACK! Thank you for devouring hahah

      With ‘One’…. objectively I think I shouldn’t like it as much as I do but I really love it??? In my case, I think this is the benefit of me switching from daily posts to weekly because I kind of lost my initial “What is happening here?” mentality quite quickly haha – I love that we love ‘One’ (hahaha – I really don’t want to ever dislike an Astro song *prays*)

      Jaehwan – totally agreeee! 100% underrated and needs more of a spotlight – hoping this comeback brings it

      AND YES SIMON D… I mean usually I don’t feel that way but on this song…. what is it about his voice that just makes me want to throw my laptop

      And I’m glad you get to find out some new stuff too! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  3. “ONE” is on repeat in this house 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
    Also thank you for reminding me that there were a ton of releases that came out last week. I did watch them and put them in my news recap, but I was so busy that I just picked three to write about this week and then forgot the rest. So I’ll have to go back and give some of them a second listen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 100% agree – I’ve been listening to it a lot too which is kind of a surprise because I’m usually quick on album rotations haha!


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