K-Music Recap: April 12 – 18, 2021

Let’s go! Last week really popped with a mix of high profile releases as well as smaller underrated releases – surprisingly, along with the main big hits, it’s some of those smaller releases that have left a lasting impression on me…. so much so that I almost let the week slip straight past!

Disclaimer: I haven’t been able to write about every single release, but I do try to at least provide a link to the key songs released over the week. However, it is entirely likely that I will have missed many – drop me a comment with any tracks from the past week that you think I should not miss.


SHINee – Atlantis

When SHINee first performed ‘Atlantis’ at their Beyond Live on Easter Sunday, I was pretty much sold – I remember thinking, ‘Wow this has SHINee’s name all over it’ – it plays to their strengths so perfectly, with electro funk in abundance. Now after hearing the studio version and seeing the MV, the entire package just screams SHINee. ‘Atlantis’ is a song full of exceptional vocal displays (naturally) and extremely memorable hooks (‘We’re under the water’ and ‘It’s like we’re underwater’ are always in my head), liberally distributed between grand, energetic synths. This is a title track so full of drama and theatricality, from the unembellished verses shining a light on SHINee’s core vocal strength, to the truly exuberant chorus which highlights how well SHINee execute vocal layering. What’s more, we get a modern and impactful rap sequence from Minho (thank you Changmo!). The arrangement of this track feels like a treasure chest (*hehe*) – the more I listen, the more gems I find, from all the different instrumental textures, to the detailed distribution of each members’ parts – an Onew ad lib will always keep me happy (and his parts in the bridge – astounding). Although this song isn’t the subversive hit like ‘Don’t Call Me‘ was, its deep impact (lol – sea related) still knows no bounds. I am DEVASTATED that, as Onew says “this is the last comeback we will have for a while” but I followed his advice and have definitely enjoyed it, and will continue to for a long time to come.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Favourite of the new songs from the album [Atlantis]: Area

Kyuhyun (규현) – Coffee

Other ‘PROJECT : 季’ songs: Summer Edition “Dreaming” 🌻; Autumn Edition “Daystar” 🍂; Winter Edition “Moving On” ❄

Super Junior main vocalist Kyuhyun is back with the final instalment in his seasonal project, ‘PROJECT : 季’ (releasing a single every season to match the mood of that season). ‘Coffee’ is the release for spring and sees Kyuhyun bring us a sprightlier folk pop ballad compared to winter’s solemn ‘Moving On’ (review here), really reflecting the fresh, optimistic feeling of this season. Kyuhyun employs the soft sentimental side of his vocals here to paint a sweet picture alongside the light and tender instrumental of strings and subtle percussion. Although we don’t get to hear Kyuhyun’s full, unleashed power vocal on ‘Coffee’, the tender side to his sound culminates in a song that just feels so warm and comforting to listen to, feeling more like a conversation (or soliloquy) than a song, and puts a gentle smile on my face with each listen. MV note: Gong Myung why are you here again? Is he really just going to appear in every cute/sad MV and break my heart a million times? Because I can’t stand it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whee In (휘인) – water color

MAMAMOO vocalist Wheein made her solo comeback last week – her first release since her 2019 single ‘Good Bye‘ – with new album ‘REDD’ and title track ‘water color’. The entirety of this album monopolises on the R&B sound that Wheein is becoming increasingly more associated with, and ‘water color’ exemplifies just how to blend KPop charisma with an R&B groove. This mid-tempo track brings light, bright fun to Wheein’s existing discography and her vocal shade is certainly a neat fit for this rhythmic track, highlighting clear sharp notes as well as her textured aspirated tone. We don’t get a full blown display of her true vocal potential, but it is certainly the right amount to bring this song to life and to make it her own. Despite this, this title track does get slightly lost when I listen to ‘REDD’ in its entirety – it feels like this song was created to be seen rather than just listened to, which explains why I like it far more when I’m watching the MV. ‘water color’ isn’t necessarily anything that we haven’t already heard many times before, but it is certainly a pleasant listen and gets me smiling and grooving with the beat at every listen.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [REDD]: TRASH (feat. pH-1) / OHOO

KANG DANIEL (강다니엘) – Antidote

Kang Daniel is back with mini album ‘YELLOW’ – the moody album from which pre-release track ‘PARANOIA’ (review here) has come from. The dark ambience of ‘PARANOIA’ was a vibe that I ended up falling for, but I didn’t imagine him to extend this mysterious, personal sound to much of the rest of the album, let alone the next title track. ‘Antidote’ is a mid-tempo track laced with R&B elements and blended with electric guitar accompaniments. Interestingly those guitars choose to remain in the background for much of the song, creating an instrumental that feels a little low-key, rather than one that energises Daniel’s sound. On the whole, the song is quite the engaging listen – I find myself being wowed by the honest, raw textures in Daniel’s vocal and I find the chorus hook unforgettable, but by following his prior release with a similar edgy concept and with a scaled back instrumental, it does feel like it loses some of the grandeur of ‘PARANOIA’. Nonetheless, the cross-genre R&B and rock style is a welcome sound (even if that rap in the bridge is a bit bizarre) and is the perfect match for this personal confessional. I have a feeling this is a song that will continue to grow on me over time.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [YELLOW]: Save U (feat. Wonstein)

Yoon Jisung (윤지성) – LOVE SONG

Former Wanna One leader Jisung was discharged from the military late last year (HOORAY!) and has followed suit from previous teammate Daniel in making his comeback over the past week. ‘Temperature of Love’ is Jisung’s second solo mini album, the title track of which is ‘LOVE SONG’. This pop track moves along with a mid-tempo energy, weaving measured and gentle melodies through the track, reflective of muted Spring vibes. This is certainly a contrast to the 2019 ballad single ‘In The Rain‘ and gives Jisung the opportunity to show more of his fun side, and bless us with some choreography. However, despite being more of a pop number, the arrangement of ‘LOVE SONG’ doesn’t inspire much, leaving Jisung’s vocals to do all the hard work. Jisung has a wonderfully clear and comforting voice and has, in the past, really wowed me, especially through his work in musical theatre. His vocal quality absolutely cannot be disputed, yet it seems like his production team were unable to truly tease out his personal colours on this track. Having said that, the entire mini album is wonderful, with B-side tracks that are far more gripping and representative of Jisung’s solo sound.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Favourite song from the album [Temperature of Love]: Love Counseling / SUNDAY MOON / I hope

A.C.E (에이스) – Down (feat. Grey)

Side note: I’ve got say, you know you have completely dropped off the Western music radar when you have to google Grammy nominated artists. Genuinely had never heard of Grey – I need to diversify my listening again.

A.C.E are a group who, in my mind, really exemplify what it means to be a KPop group – they always bring us unique, experimental sounds that push the sound envelope and, in my opinion, get it right all the time. Their influence has particularly been seen internationally, so here they are bringing us a collaboration single pitched at the Western crowd, and let’s just say, that sound envelope certainly does not get pushed here. The group collaborated with American EDM producer duo Grey on ‘Down’, and as a result we get a pretty generic sounding pop track that will certainly appeal to listeners outside of the KPop sphere (thus likely achieving its objective) but a side of me was hoping for another collaboration like ‘I Feel So Lucky‘ which really felt like an A.C.E song. Despite this not really being my kind of song, A.C.E execute the all-English track with such sweet confidence and ease and uplift the instrumental with their unique vocal tones (DONGHUN!!! – I love his voice and it really shines here, so does Jun). If this track has given me anything, it is a greater desire for a full member A.C.E comeback (we miss and love you Sehyoon) because A.C.E’s Korean music is exactly where it’s at.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

LUCY, Lee Suhyun (이수현) – LOVE ME LOVE YOU

Just the sight of these names in combination on a song really excited me – my new favourite band LUCY and Lee Suhyun of AKMU fame – on paper it is a folk explosion ready to happen but instead we get a track which is really heavily overlaid with a trap hi-hat (and I do not love it – Wonsang… why?). If we were to select that percussion line and just hit delete, I have a feeling my thoughts on the song would be much different. Yechan’s sprightly violin accompaniments feel like a breath of fresh air (as always) but they are far too muted underneath the percussion, and Suhyun, Sangyeop and Gwangil provide such comforting and familiar tones as expected, but they don’t push through in the same way that one might expect. The selling point of this song comes from the lyricism of Kim Eana, who tells such a poignant and important story from the point of view of a neglected/abandoned pet, it moved me to tears a little (I’m a soppy pet owner). Regardless of my thoughts on the production of the song, this collaboration is hugely important. ‘LOVE ME LOVE YOU ‘ is a collaboration with the animal shelter “Kara The Bom Center” to raise awareness about pet neglect, and was released for free as a result – go and check it out! In the meantime, I am putting a request in for another shot at a LUCY x AKMU collaboration in the future.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

GreatGuys (멋진녀석들) – Touch By Touch

MV note: The group also released an MV for the English version

Despite GreatGuys debuting in 2017, I only really came to know them last year with their single ‘RUN‘, and I remember my friend and I saying, “Aren’t GreatGuys pretty great?” (so cheesy) – but it’s true. So far I have been intrigued by the group’s title tracks but yet I know next to nothing about them, and when a group are bringing out a fun-filled dance pop song like ‘Touch By Touch’, it has me wondering why we aren’t talking about them more. Admittedly, ‘Touch By Touch’ isn’t breaking through any barriers, but the feel-good pop sound (and those neat brass injections) is always a necessity in the boy group sphere and it brings the biggest smile to my face. The song is full of vibrant, exuberant energy, catchy chorus hooks, and bright engaging vocals, making this a recipe for success – there is just so much to love here. I do think that it is time we all started putting GreatGuys on our watch list because their recent explorations in sound have been extremely interesting and I can hear them sharpening their skills and improving with each release. We can only hope for them to hit that breakout track some time soon.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

DONGKIZ – Universe

DONGKIZ are finally back with new single ‘Universe’, the follow up to August’s edgy release ‘Beautiful‘, and this time they go back towards what they do best and have brought us a bright, funky pop track full of youthful charisma. Honestly I’m so happy – like I said in the GreatGuys review, a bright pop sound is really welcome in boy group territory, especially with the prevalence of darker concepts so I am here for this bit of contrast which DONGKIZ definitely deliver. This song and concept matches their age and energy and I feel like I’m seeing the group’s personality shining through once again after their experimental phase through 2020. This exuberant single brings out some of the best in the group, highlighting some LOVELY vocal tones (Jonghyeong I see you) and well-placed melodic rap phrases. This is definitely one of my guilty pleasures from last week – I feel my heart exploding with joy every time I hit play. This track certainly helps DONGKIZ to stand out among their peers, so here’s hoping they’ll keep rolling with the same kind of momentum moving forwards!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Other notable releases

THE 8 – Side By Side (나란히)
Hyunjun Hur (허현준) – VO!D
MAJORS – Rain on me

Minghao (THE 8) is the latest SEVENTEEN member to bring us a solo release and really I couldn’t have predicted what kind of style or genre he was going to go for – which is why ‘Side By Side’ has charged straight into my heart. As soon as I hit play on the MV, I could tell that this was written in Chinese – not only is the jazzy pop instrumental and acoustic blend really similar to some existing CPop styles, but the flow seems really stunted in Korean (and then you listen to the Chinese version and you confirm…. it just flows so much better). This progressive pop track gives us so much insight into Minghao’s hidden vocal potential and it makes me want to listen to his voice ALL day. ‘Side By Side’ has fast become an unexpected favourite, and I’m looking forward to seeing what is next on the horizon for his solo sound. Also I feel like I looked away and Minghao became an adult lol.

Former The Boyz member Hyunjun has made his comeback with new single ‘VO!D’ – a mid-tempo trap R&B track with moody, edgy concept. This is quite the change from solo debut single ‘BARAGI‘ which certainly leant more on the traditional Western pop side. This new single helps to locate his sound back in the KPop sphere, moving more in line with current trends. However, unlike his KPop peers, he brings us a trap single that feels raw, exuding passion and emotion. The song is nothing that we haven’t heard before but the frank and honest lyrics, along with his open delivery make for a more captivating single than his debut. I didn’t realise that this single would be sung mostly in English, much like his all-English debut, which I find interesting but certainly a great move for engaging with the international market, who this sound will likely resonate with the most.

Newly debuted girl group MAJORS have made their first comeback with single ‘Rain on me’, the follow up to their debut ‘Spit it out’ (review here). This song sounds like two (maybe more) songs in one – I feel like there are some neat elements in there but they aren’t tied together coherently, so the song ends up really fragmented and has no sense of itself. It’s a shame because the song starts off really well with a bright melodic first verse and saxophone flourishes, but the introduction of that EDM chorus just jerks along shakily and it doesn’t do anything for highlighting the strengths of the members. However, probably most frustratingly is that the chorus has part of a riff and instrumental that sounds like another song (it’s a boy group, a B-side??….) and I absolutely cannot identify what it is. Their B-side track ‘Dancing in the starlit night‘ is far far better! Give that a listen instead.


Jay Park (박재범) – SUMMERIDE

Jay Park has been blessing our speakers with endless releases for years and over the past year the number of incredible collaborations and project releases have really tipped the scales. ‘SUMMERIDE’ is Jay’s first fully solo release since ‘All The Way Up‘ and although that was only 10 months ago, so much has happened for Jay between then and now that it feels like a lifetime ago. He opts for a chilled R&B vibe with this track which emphasises ethereal synths to create a dreamy soundscape, but introduces a steady backbeat to keep the track moving with a funky groove. Jay brings out the absolute best of both sides of his musical skills on ‘SUMMERIDE’, with his irresistibly smooth R&B vocals caressing us like a lullaby, but interspersing his melodic rap sequences throughout to bring texture and lively contrast through the track. This is the kind of song that makes you feel like hopping into a car and going on a drive straight into summer, with its addictive chorus hooks and soothing ambience. Classic Jay sound – certified crowd pleaser.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dvwn (다운) – Yeonnam-dong (연남동) (feat. lIlBOI)

MV note: I absolutely cannnot get used to KOZ Entertainment being under HYBE. Also Yeonnam-dong is where I stayed when I did my first ever Korea trip so when I listen to this song, it’s like I can picture the streets that Dvwn is referring to.

In typical Dvwn style, we get a single worthy of lulling us into a peaceful slumber in ‘Yeonnam-dong’. Dvwn’s light but captivating vocals cast a smooth and soulful spell over this low-tempo R&B track – the perfect addition to your lo-fi study playlists. The instrumental and subtle melodies confer a slight jazzy lounge room vibe, whilst lIlBOI’s unique rap syncopation brings a little life into the second verse to ensure we don’t actually get lulled to sleep. The track is the perfect blend of chilled low-key ambience and slight optimistic instrumental flourishes, bringing a sense of soothing comfort to our speakers. I recognise that this kind of relaxed vibe isn’t for everyone, but for me, this entire album fits in perfectly with my late night listening patterns. It brings together necessary ethereal sounds with Dvwn’s relaxing vocal in a combination that will surely never get old. Having said that, although I love this title track, and the album, a part of me really wants Dwvn to use his B-sides to explore other sounds too. Nonetheless, ‘Yeonnam-dong’ is the perfect title track to exemplify his skills, sound profile and persona.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [It’s Not Your Fault]: Yeonnam-dong (feat. lIlBOI) / Goodnight (feat. Kwon Jin Ah) / HOME

PARA9ON – Malfoy (feat. Huh! [허성현])

PARA9ON is a new name on the scene (well at least to me) and ‘Malfoy’ happens to be his debut release. This first track is an ambitious start, going for a mysterious mid-tempo beat with heavy bass synths cutting through the entirety of the track. ‘Malfoy’ consists of some interesting elements – individually all rather impressive, yet somehow not really flowing together logically which leaves me feeling really confused (I don’t know if that’s the aim – like some kind of overwhelming artistic message). PARA9ON’s moody sing-rap intro really matches the instrumental, crafting this entrancing understated energy that leads into a pretty catchy chorus hook, but it is the transitions between segments that come across as bizarre, particularly leading out of Sunghyun’s verse. Despite this, he impresses with his creativity, playing with the beat and weaving new rhythms into the repetitive instrumental. The final part of the song is truly excellent – the bridge is stunning (Sunghyun singing – just wow), and the song ends with the right impact. So why, if the elements of the song are all great, do I just feel so confused when I listen to it – it feels flat in some parts. Something doesn’t flow and it bothers me, but yet I kind of oddly like it?? – I am just left feeling relatively uncertain.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


BUZZ – Dreaming

After their album release last month, veteran group BUZZ are back with new single ‘Dreaming’, the follow up to single ‘Analogue’ (review here). Compared to this prior release, ‘Dreaming’ takes on a slower pace and softer outlook, but the group’s recognisable rock passion still rings throughout this song, mainly buoyed by Min Kyunghoon’s impressive and passionate vocal display. The steady instrumentation builds in more optimistic sounds, as the guitars strum gently, providing Kyunghoon every opportunity to weave resonating melodies with his immediately recognisable vocal tone. Although this doesn’t hold the same immediate rousing impact as ‘Analogue’, the classic rock sound of ‘Dreaming’ still holds a special appeal, bringing a timeless sound back to the mainstream and highlighting that rock truly never dies. BUZZ really came back to revive my K-Rock desires.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


CHEEZE (Dalchong) follows on from her sweet November pop ballad ‘Good Night‘ with this bubbly pop track ‘LOSER’ – a song which expertly brings indie elements right up to the pop boundary. The song is bright, fun, creative and full of uplifting memorable melodies, but personally this isn’t the kind of indie sound that I would typically go for. Even though I love a bit of cute, bubblegum sounds, the saccharine nature of the chorus hooks here makes for slightly repetitive listening and it doesn’t make me want to hit repeat all too frequently. Nonetheless, I admire the dedication to the bright, joyful sound and enjoy the bridging of the gap between the two genres, I just hope for a more sincere sound on the next release, with less of a played up sense of cuteness.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

O.WHEN – Stay The Same (그대로)

Indie vocalist O.WHEN has made his comeback with mini album ‘Mood Night’, the follow up to his February single ‘Stillness‘. The title track to this new album is indie ballad song ‘Stay The Same’, a tender song that once again perfectly highlights the clear, rich vocal texture that O.WHEN holds. The slow and steady instrumentation allows O.WHEN to carve measured melodies with his indie tone – one which carries a certain amount of sincere honesty with it. O.WHEN’s voice is becoming a firm favourite with me, conveying a world of stable emotion with every melofy, and this new single ‘Stay The Same’ is one that will surely continue to provide comfort for a long time to come.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Favourite songs from the album [Mood Night]: Shelter / As The Mind Goes

Lanalogue – Atlantis

Following on from their March single ‘White Light (feat. Nody Cika)‘, rock band Lanalogue are back with new single ‘Atlantis’ (the second release from last week to be called ‘Atlantis’). The group tease out some of their natural punk elements and package them up into this altogether rousing, emotional rendition, offsetting some rough vocals with steady poignant instrumentals to create a moving rock ‘ballad’. The group have some wonderfully diverse vocal tones here, from clear power vocals, to unique punk rock shades, and a fascinating balance is reached between all members on ‘Atlantis’, creating a satisfyingly distinctive sound profile. I like this more than I initially thought I would, with the emotional resonance of the track shining brightly through all the unpolished edges – though I think that is also part of the group’s charm. The more I hear from Lanalogue, the more I come to appreciate the beauty in their unique sound. (Also on first listen I was so confused because the song starts in Japanese! Pretty awesome though, as it transitions languages so seamlessly).

Rating: 4 out of 5.


DAVICHI – Just hug me (그냥 안아달란 말야)

DAVICHI are some of my favourite female vocalists in the Korean music industry, and they are for a reason – their epic ability to tell a story with their expressive voices. Even in new single ‘Just hug me’, which is more of an uptempo take on their normal ballad sound, they bring out every shade to their vocals to draw listeners in – from soft, tender lower ranges to clear, poignant upper ranges. As always, the magic of DAVICHI really comes to life when the two vocalists come together to highlight striking harmonies throughout the bridge. Although ‘Just hug me’ doesn’t hold the same kind of showstopping vocal impact as some of their prior releases, the light, brisk melodies and sentimental movements make for a sweet, engaging and necessary accompaniment throughout the spring season.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

4MEN – Still (우린 아직 헤어지기 전)

Last year, the two remaining members of veteran R&B ballad group 4MEN rebranded as 2F, so the announcement of a 4MEN comeback struck me as extremely odd. After a little digging I realised that MAJOR9 decided to have a comeback with a fourth generation version of the group (the line up changes in this group are not easy to keep track of) so we have a three-member comeback – each of whom are new members (MAJOR9 are evidently still really keen to keep the 4MEN name alive). ‘Still’ is a beautiful ballad track incredibly fitting of that nostalgic and much loved 4MEN sound (really, it fits straight into the discography) and offers us some outstanding fresh new vocal tones to get used to, but I guess a part of me is a little weirded out that we haven’t been properly introduced to the new lineup yet (but I can hear Haeun’s tone loud and clear on this so I know that he is in this lineup – am I happy? Ask me later). Regardless, I LOVE this song – this is exactly the kind of soulful, emotional ballad track for me but I also think that this kind of sound is now so synonymous with vocalists of a certain age, so I worry that by having younger vocalists follow in 4MEN’s footsteps, MAJOR9 is prematurely ageing some fresh young talent.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Parc Jae Jung (박재정) – I Loved You (좋았는데)

Versatile artist Parc Jae Jung recently left agency Mystic Story and announced at the start of this month that he had signed with Romantic Factory, which promises some really interesting musical directions moving forwards for this honey-toned vocalist. His first release with new label is ‘I Loved You’ – a pop ballad single with soulful sounds oozing from every note. This new single gives off a slight dated feel with the keyboard accompaniment taking me back to sounds of the 90’s, but his is an exceptional voice that works with numerous styles, so it doesn’t feel like a strange match. Honestly, I could fall into Jae Jung’s voice time and time again – it is so deep, rich and full of character, but this song’s best attribute is his voice, otherwise the instrumental feels relatively unremarkable. Jae Jung deserves the time and space now to keep working on his solo material and exploring fresh sounds because we know his indie-pop side thrives, so I await slightly more exciting releases from him in the near future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Kim Nayoung (김나영) – A Letter For You (봄 내음보다 너를)

Popular ballad and OST singer Kim Nayoung is back with another single in the form of ‘A Letter For You’ – an exceptionally tender ballad track with a hauntingly skeletal instrumental. The stripped out backdrop pushes all the focus onto the moving lyrics and Nayoung’s honest delivery of each and every word, making this a truly heartfelt single. As the guitars pluck gently in the background, Nayoung forms each melody with her light, aspirated tone, creating a clear channel of communication between herself and the listener as she conveys the message of her letter. ‘A Letter For You’ is strikingly beautiful through all of its simplicity, enchanting us almost purely through Nayoung’s stunning vocal. This is truly wonderful, even if it is a little on the sombre side to listen to.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Kim Hee Jae (김희재) – Follow Me (따라따라와) (Prod. by 영탁(Young Tak))

And just like that…. a trot idol was born. This debut release (aside from a previously released OST track) from Kim Hee Jae is another forward movement in the trot cultural reset, propelling the genre into the younger markets. Kim Hee Jae is one of the finalists of last year’s competition show ‘Mr Trot’, and ‘Follow Me’ is a single which was produced by fellow contestant and show runner up Young Tak. This single is actually deserving of being in the pop section, because ultimately it is a banger of a pop song with the most subtle trot stylisations, however I wanted to give it proper credit by putting it in its own section. For the untrained ear, this would just sound like your average electro pop track, but you can hear traditional Korean instruments peppered in through the instrumental, as well as familiar trot melodic sequencing written into the verses and especially in the pre-chorus. Although Hee Jae doesn’t monopolise on trot vocal inflections here, opting for a clear pop tone instead, you can hear the genres intention through the songwriting and that is clear enough influence. Honestly – this is a hit. I’m impressed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

OST Links

Also released this week:

JOY – Why isn’t love always easy? (왜 사랑은 언제나 쉽지 않을까?) | Webtoon: Romance 101 (바른연애 길잡이)
Kwon Jin Ah (권진아) – What I want (문턱) | Webtoon: Odd Girl Out (소녀의세계)
YB – SILENCE | Drama: Taxidriver (모범택시)

Header image credit: SM Entertainment; Navillera image credit: Soompi; Mouse image credit: KDrama Stars

6 thoughts on “K-Music Recap: April 12 – 18, 2021

  1. Great weekly recap as always! 💕💕💕 100% in agreement about “Atlantis” – at first it didn’t grab my attention as much as SHINee, but then all of a sudden I found myself going on a whole emotional journey hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha I feel like we must have gone through the same thought process there – it’s SO GOOD. It’s genuinely the gift that keeps giving, you almost have to discover all of the components. Incredible

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, I’m still bopping to Follow Me lol. 💃🏻

    I also cannot get used to KOZ being under HYBE, it just… doesn’t feel real lol.

    Buzz just don’t miss imo. Lowkey love everything they release lol. I am glad you liked Atlantis as much as us, it grew even more on us over time I feel – Minho’s rap is where it’s truly at!

    My biggest disappointment was Wheein, I am in the minority which just doesn’t like the song at all and it upsets me because she’s amazing and I think she should do something much more challenging and unique in her own lane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Follow Me is such a jam – I really can’t place why I love it so much – thank you for putting it on my radar!

      I understand with Wheein – although I do like the song, I feel like it doesn’t pop in the same way her talent really should. 100% agree that she should have been able to put out something more unique that makes her stand out as she deserves!


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